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Welcome to My Studio X

My Studio X is a collection of multi-media art work by, Ray Herschleb. To learn more about Ray click the about link at the top of the page or just go ahead and check out the above category links to a variety of works. Don't forget to download a new wallpaper for your Desktop while your at it. There is no shortage of visual feasts here. If you are interested in any of these peices or a Commissioned work of your own. Feel free to visit the contact page. Thanks for stopping by!

My Work is featured Locally at the following locations. The Mystudio X Gallery 390 Freeport Way Suite 14 Also at Statewide Lighting & Accents and Northwest Reno Chiropratric !

  "The princicples of true art is not to portray , but to evoke" Jerzy Kosinski

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